Thanks for all your work. Having Richard involved has been incredibly helpful, and I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your help in getting this project back on track.
LindaSonoma County
It was great having you…you saved us thousands of dollars!
Gordon Owner, Tiburon
By the way, Jennifer and I have been delighted with your management of the project to date.
Phillip Owner, Belvedere
Your careful attention to my home allows me to give my full attention to all the meditation students as I am doing this entire 4 weeks. Therefore, you are serving these students just as am I, each of us in our own skill sets. It is a beautiful thought isn’t it. In Buddhism we call it either co-arising or interdependence, meaning everything and people are interconnected.
Sara Attorney executor for apartment buildings in San Rafael
As mentioned, I am very happy to have you on board to assist me through this construction process. My main goal is to have you confirm that the information I receive from the contractor is accurate and that the charges he presents to me are legitimate.
Ralph Owner, Sonoma
Thanks so much for being here for us during this tumultuous time with our Sonoma construction project. I appreciate your level headed and fair minded approach to the situation.
Michele Owner, Tiburon
We hired Richard as Owner’s Construction Project Manager for a major renovation of our newly purchased home in Marin County. In order to get the job done in the six-week period we gave him, he also acted as the general contractor. Richard performed all the work exceptionally well, on time, and under budget, allowing us to move into our beautiful home on the initially agreed upon date.
Kathryn Owner, Tiburon
We hired Richard as an Owner’s Construction Project Manager for a renovation/expansion project at our home in Tiburon in Marin County that was rapidly spinning out of control. He definitely saved the house. He also probably saved the marriage.
William Owner, Belvedere
In response to a complex remodel situation regarding my home in Belvedere, I hired Richard to act as an Owner’s Project Manager to oversee the contractor. Ultimately, I asked Richard to take over the general contractors’s job. Not only did he work through the complexities of the construction, he actually improved the entire project. Doing construction work in Southern Marin can have numerous challenges, Richard was very effective in dealing with all of them.
Doug Owner, Sausalito
Richard was very helpful in terms of keeping us on schedule and saving us money during the builder selection and pre-construction process. Because of his breath of knowledge and his deep experience he always knew what questions to ask. In addition, he knew where to draw the line with contractors in terms of charges that were unwarranted or excessive. Finally, Richard allowed us to focus on our busy careers and still get a quality and cost effective design.
Hollie Owner, Belvedere
We have worked with Richard on multiple projects. He is overseeing a substantial house remodel in Sonoma for us, acting as our owner’s representative in dealing with all contractors, architects, and other service providers. He has dramatically improved the quality of the project, reduced the cost, and given us great ideas about how to improve the project. Richard also got our new “old house” in Belvedere into move-in condition. He oversaw all inspections and enhancements, found the right people to do work at reasonable prices, and even did some of the work himself to get it right. He has become an important part of our lives!
Steven Owner, Belvedere
Richard was the general contractor for the renovation of our home in Belvedere. Richard did a fantastic job working with the quirks of the house; he was inventive in his solutions and you can see his craftsmanship everywhere in the final results. One of the most significant changes we ended up making — raising the ceilings in the kitchen — came directly from his suggestion. He was also a delight to work with; we were on a tight schedule but also kept tweaking our plans, and he handled it all with good cheer and responsiveness. We love how the house turned out, and we have Richard to thank for that.
Scott Owner, Belvedere
As we wind down, I must say that it has been a pleasure to work with you. You are detailed and precise (as I am, for better or worse) and very efficient. I would be happy to serve as a reference.
Sue Owner, Belvedere
Richard, Thank you for everything you did and for the extra hours you put in to make everything just right.
James Owner, Tiburon
We hired Richard as an Owner’s Construction Project Manager for a renovation/expansion project at our home in Tiburon in Marin County that was rapidly spinning out of control. You know that part in the movie, Pulp Fiction where John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson get in trouble, make a phone call and the ‘Wolf’ gets sent over to clean up the mess? For a home construction project, Richard is the Wolf.


John McCoy AIA, Sausalito www.mccoyarchitecture.com
Your contribution has made my job (and life) a lot easier and positively impacted the project by keeping us moving forward in a timely fashion. The work you’ve been doing to get us this close to contractor selection has been key in allowing us any chance to meet our desired timeline. I agree with Doug’s statement that having you as an available consultant as we move forward could be advantageous to the project…. Again, thank you for all of your efforts!

Warren J Hedgpeth
I do have a deep appreciation for all of your efforts Richard. I wanted to state my firm opinion of you: Your are a perfect balance between an architect and client; always respectful, kind, open to new ideas/giving new ideas, curious, engaged in the work at hand, and what is turning out to be a truly talented problem solver on not just the bones level but the human relationship level!!!

John Merten
Studio Green, www.studiogreen.com
You did a great job in managing this project and Sue, she seems very pleased. The timing and various contractors, your experience shows.
Polsky Perlstein Architects
Polsky Perlstein Architects worked closely with Richard Wodehouse to construct substantial improvements to a home that involved transforming it into a beautiful contemporary residence. This involved rather complex structural, cosmetic and systems upgrades which required careful on-site supervision and management of scores of specialists in their respective fields of expertise. Richard was adept in providing the level of care necessary to ensure a beautiful finished product. This involved problem-solving at the highest level, including a home theater room, a special one-of-a kind wine storage room, special heating and cooling systems, folding door systems to take advantage of the views as well as many landscape and interior upgrades.
When necessary, Richard collaborated with us, the design team, to provide the final product that the owners could be extremely pleased with. We recommend Richard as a highly skilled project manager and problem-solver.