Green Point Rated

Several of our previous blogs have focused on why it is important to “Build Green”. Not only is it good for the planet but it saves money spent on energy and water, causes fewer building materials to wind up in landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and produces...

Building Green’s Top 10 Products for 2020

At West Coast Project Management Inc. we like to consider our and our client’s carbon footprint at every step of the building process. With a earth conscious Project Manager or Owner’s Representative, you can be confident that your custom home comes with the latest...

Things you didn’t know about embedded carbon

There has become an increased awareness of the embodied carbon and the products we use in construction. A knowledgeable Owner's representative or Project manager if part of the team can consult to benefit the project in reducing the quantity or volume of products with...

Building Resilience

The climate of the planet is changing. The heat causes more intense weather conditions such as hurricanes, storms, fires and other anomalies. The political divide is astounding regarding climate change. But while people are arguing over weather or not it is happening,...

Building Green’s Top 10 Products for 2019

Building Green recently published their top ten energy efficient products of 2019. If you would like more information on these products you can watch the video from Building Green here. However, the following are the products and what they replace (in no particular...

Happy Earth Day! WHY we need a Green New Deal NOW

Happy Earth Day! WHY we need a Green New Deal NOW

Photo by Miriam Espacio on Unsplash Climate change is the greatest challenge facing the next few generations of the human race. The more information one acquires the more daunting it feels. It is said that we have 12 years before climate change will...

The Green New Deal Explained

The Green New Deal Explained

Wikipedia states it thus: “The Green New Deal is a set of proposed economic stimulus programs in the United States that aim to address climate change and economic inequality”. Pretty good goals wouldn’t you say? Data for progress states it this way: “A Green New Deal...



In my work as a residential construction Owner’s Representative and Project Manager I get to interact with some very interesting clients. Just recently I had a thrilling discussion with one of my owners over the Green New Deal currently being proposed by the...



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