We are all concerned with having a healthy environment in our homes.  Also we don’t want high humidity which can increase the chances of supporting the growth of mold.

We have graduated from relying on leaky construction methods that allowed uncontrolled air movement and therefore wasteful energy consumption either heating or cooling.  So how do we get the healthy balanced indoor air without wasting energy?

* An HRV-Heat Recovery Ventilator in a low humidity climate,

* An ERV-Energy Recovery Ventilator in a high humidity climate

These devices are low volume fan units that using some ducting are designed to exchange indoor air for fresh outdoor air while transferring up to 90% of the heat from the exhausted air to the new incoming air.  For the electric consumption of an old fashioned light bulb, voila! you get high IAQ.

See an article with further description and views of various units at:

I have been incorporating these into my new homes for 20 years now and I assure you they are a great asset to a home.

Richard E. Wodehouse