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For Architects

As a residential construction project manager in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and beyond, I help make the architects process more efficient by running a well-managed construction project.

  • I will ensure that your firm always has the final say in any and all decisions affecting design.
  • I can facilitate your work by providing information on the most effective products based on current building science.
  • I can provide information on realistic scheduling and sequencing of trades for your project.
  • I can provide my own preliminary cost estimates or review and consult on those submitted by others.

For Attorneys

mediation and expert witness

Expert Testimony In Construction Defect Cases

I bring thorough knowledge of every aspect of the building process, from luxury homes to retail commercial buildings. In my career I have always sought to build architecturally significant structures, often with an environmental responsibility. The creation of these buildings often required innovative and complex approaches.

As an experienced residential construction manager in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and beyond, I work with attorneys to:

  • Give expert opinions on the value of work performed
  • Examine all contractor billings and change orders for legitimacy
  • Validate cost of materials, and in some cases, determine if charged materials were actually used on the site in question or taken to another project.

“I am told I am an excellent expert witness testifier”.

As a residential general contractor building close to 200 architecturally challenging structures from Marin County on the West Coast to the Rocky Mountains I have mediated disputes between highly invested, sometimes highly emotional individuals. I have worked out very interesting and complex solutions between owners and contractors.

I am certified by CDR Associates in Boulder, CO after an intensive course in mediation.

Speaking Spanish fluently is invaluable in facilitating communications at construction sites.

“Yo soy un mediador quien habla español con confianza“


For Realtors

As an expert in residential construction management in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and beyond, I help the clients of realtors and real estate brokers enjoy a successful construction project:

When you have a client who is interested in a piece of property that includes the possibility of remodeling or new construction, West Coast Project Management Inc. can advise you on what is feasible, the corresponding budgets, and the reasonable timeline.

I will use my experience gained in building close to 200 projects, many of them high-end, and in all kinds of settings.

“My initial phone consultation on constructability is free to you.”