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construction project manager for San Francisco Bay Area
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Save money and avoid problems in construciton projects
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I am Richard Wodehouse, owner of West Coast Project Management Inc. I am an expert Residential Construction Project Manager / Owner’s Representative based in Marin County, California. I help homeowners enjoy a successful, stress free experience in the building of their homes in the San Francisco Bay Area including Marin, Sonoma, and Napa to the north.  I do this by applying the experience and knowledge gained in 42 years of building fine structures. The savings I create with my budget and schedule oversight will eliminate delays, change orders, and cost overruns. These savings more than cover the cost of my involvement, plus give you the assurance of having a construction expert on your side. My current projects in the San Francisco Bay area are in Contra Costa, Napa/Sonoma, and Marin.

I am the owner’s representative, I manage the project

When hired early I can work with the key members of the team to create a cohesive effort with all members pursuing the same vision. If hired during construction I can get things moving back on track. If you sense your project could be moving more effectively, I can mediate relations, suggest alternatives and if needed, secure control of the project for you. If your contractor is in trouble, I can find the best alternative to resolve the issues and move forward.

“It is great to feel in control of your project again”

Residential construction management is a complex endeavor. Some of the benefits of having West Coast Project Management Inc. as your construction Owner’s Project Manager:

  • Confidence that your budget and schedule are being monitored by a knowledgeable building professional
  • A shorter construction time due to proper prior planning
  • Cost savings due to mistakes being averted ahead of time
  • Peace of mind so you can concentrate on your normal life

 “You have a construction expert working on your behalf”

We hired Richard Wodehouse as owner representative and project manager for a substantial and complex remodel of our home including significant infrastructure work (new wiring, plumbing, and seismic foundations, etc.), an entirely new exterior design and modifications/rebuild to most of the rooms in the pre-existing structure.

Richard did an amazing job keeping such a complicated project on a very tight schedule and was a great problem solving partner in engineering costs down while retaining high impact and value for our investment.

Jack, Tiburon homeowner.