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As an expert Residential Construction Project Manager / Owner’s Representative based in Marin County, California, I help owners enjoy a successful, stress free experience in the building of their homes in The San Francisco / Bay Area including Marin, Sonoma, and Napa to the north and as far south as Big Sur. I do this by applying the experience and knowledge gained in 42 years of building fine structures. The savings I create with my budget and schedule oversight will eliminate delays, change orders, and cost overruns. These savings more than cover the cost of my involvement as a custom home project manager, plus give you the assurance of having a construction expert on your side. My current projects in the San Francisco / Bay area are in Contra Costa, Big Sur, and Tiburon.

I am the owner’s representative, I manage the project

When hired early I can work with the key members of the team to create a cohesive effort with all members pursuing the same vision. If hired during construction I can get things moving back on track. If you sense your project could be moving more effectively, I can mediate relations, suggest alternatives and if needed, secure control of the project for you. If your contractor is in trouble, I can find the best alternative to resolve the issues and move forward.

“It is great to feel in control of your project again”

Residential construction management is a complex endeavor. Some of the benefits of having me as your construction Owner’s Project Manager:

  • Confidence that your budget and schedule are being monitored by a knowledgeable building professional
  • A shorter construction time due to proper prior planning
  • Cost savings due to mistakes being averted ahead of time
  • Peace of mind so you can concentrate on your normal life

 “You have a construction expert working on your behalf”

We hired Richard Wodehouse as owner representative and project manager for a substantial and complex remodel of our home including significant infrastructure work (new wiring, plumbing, and seismic foundations, etc.), an entirely new exterior design and modifications/rebuild to most of the rooms in the pre-existing structure.

Richard did an amazing job keeping such a complicated project on a very tight schedule and was a great problem solving partner in engineering costs down while retaining high impact and value for our investment.

Jack, Tiburon homeowner.